golden hour

Some days ago was the first time I managed the golden hour technique. I tried to manage it so many times and I finally did! Nowadays I’m mostly using myself as a model (it sounds so stupid, I know) to practice on different photo techniques. I’m considering to take pictures of my mom’s dogs soon, though. Hopefully I will get to know more people that are living in this area of Spain so we can take pictures together. Photography is more interesting when you cooperate with others. redigerttttredigerttt 2redigert 3


3 thoughts on “golden hour

  1. Hi! I just discovered you and your blog and… Omg, I’m in love with your photos! I’m already eager to read a new blogpost lol. I was wondering, are these photos taken in Spain? I live there but I don’t find places as nice as that one… There’s very little nature here.

    1. Hi Delf!

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. It makes me happy! You are actually the first person that has left a comment on my blog, haha.

      Yes, most of the photos are taken in Spain. Where in Spain do you live? I live in Parcent and you can see nature everywhere.

      1. You’re welcome! 🙂
        I live in a town near Barcelona, which is a little too far from Parcent. It’s not super difficult to find places with nature in the surroundings, but everything I find is pretty dry and doesn’t look very nice.

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