I love seeing mountains engulfed in fog here in Spain, it’s such a rare sight and it looks really nice in photographs.  IMG_0671IMG_0697

The pictures above were taken some days ago when my dad and I were on our way to the beautiful city Guadalest. I’ll definitely go back and take some more pictures next time.


Albir is such a beautiful city in the south of Spain. I’m here quite often because I visit my Norwegian grandparents who have their summer house located in this area. Although it’s not summer to most of the people living here right now, it’s still considered as it to us from the North. It’s crazy to think about that it’s about 10 degrees and mostly rain in Norway. Lately it has actually been raining so much that people get their houses destroyed, so I’m pretty happy I’m here right now (and no, it’s normally never raining this much in Norway, but right now it’s insanely much in areas in the East). I still miss the rain, though. Norway is such a wonderful country with a really nice nature. I have to come back soon. ❤