rays of sunlight




I spent a week of my summer vacation for the first time in Denmark, and I’m so thrilled by how beautiful and different the beaches were from the ones I’m used to.  

IMG_1478IMG_1457IMG_1569IMG_1470IMG_1546taken in a deer park in Aarhus 

a gentle reminder

Far too many people, including myself, underestimate the value of the present. Our minds are stuck in the past, thinking about how we could have undone our mistakes and why we didn’t dare to take the choices we had intentions of taking. Simultaneously, we spend a huge amount of time worrying about what is lying ahead of us.

I believe that all of these impulses are natural reactions we experience simply because we are all humans, and although we are in charge of ourselves, we can’t always control how we feel about the world we are a part of.

However, I think it’s outrageously salient not to forget that we are constantly living in the present. Our worries for the future or our regrets about our past might always be there throughout our lives, but in the end we all need to realise that we are alive right now, in this very moment, and we need to make the most out of what we have here and now.

No matter how daunting this sounds, you never know when you will lose anyone in your life, may it be a close friend, members of your family, your partner… or even yourself.

Everything in life is temporary and that’s purely why you should live in the present. Stop waiting for the weekend, a season to change its course because you can’t stand what it has to offer, or whatever you are waiting for. Stop planning out your future and worrying about it. Just stop. You will be just fine. Live right now and let your life naturally evolve, so that you can enjoy every moment in a genuine way.

Everything will turn out just fine. Don’t worry.